New technologies are changing the face of pharma manufacturing and making personalized medicine and rare disease treatment a reality

Intelligent automation is providing pharma and biotech companies, and their contract manufacturing partners, major gains with minimized risk compared to previous waves of automation. Massive investments in “state-of-the-art” manufacturing facilities can take over a decade to complete, just in time to be outdated. Overreliance on traditional full-automation robotics also risks removing flexibility to incorporate changes for new regulations or the ability to catch errors and innovate that comes from human line operators.

When used correctly, intelligent automation in the form of robotic process automation (RPA), cognitive computing, and machine learning techniques can offer the best of both worlds. This includes a quick turnaround time from idea to implementation in as little as 2 years. Iteration and updating these systems is encouraged, so you can retain flexibility and innovation where it’s needed, while cutting manufacturing costs and increasing margins.

Tackle the challenges of today’s drug manufacturing market:

  • Identify the role of intelligent automation in pharma and biotech manufacturing
  • Explore how RPA can flexibly automate processes without requiring constant internal IT support
  • Discuss how to leverage the data being collected at every stage of the manufacturing process
  • Build a more agile framework for supporting small batch orders, including clinical trials, rare disease treatments, and personalized medicine
  • Learn what to look for in a manufacturing partner to realize the gains from intelligent automation

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Large Scale Manufacturing

Increase margins on large-scale production in the face of skyrocketing drug development costs.

Small Batch Production

Push rare disease treatments and personalized medicine to commercial viability, and gain decreased costs for clinical batches.

Cross-Functional & Cross-Organizational

Intelligent automation has far-reaching implications for all teams responsible for getting drugs to market cost-effectively. Tackle these developments with partners from the commercial manufacturing sector.

Intelligent Automation Technologies

Discover the latest capabilities offered by RPA, machine learning, smart workflows, AI, and natural language generation.

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